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RelaxoPet RelaxoHorse

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Deep relaxation for anxious and stressed horses. Relaxes your horse in a natural and animal friendly way and avoids unwanted behavior!

Besteld voor 13.00 uur? Volgende dag bezorging!
Gratis verzending boven € 40,00
Klanten beoordelen ons met een score van 4.77/5.00
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RelaxoHorse smart- helps with fear and stress in horses

Despite the good education and training, horses can experience stress situations and show undesirable behavior. For example during transport in the trailer, veterinary treatments, training units or environment changes.

The solution for fear and stress - animal friendly! 

RelaxoHorse smart has been developed in close collaboration with veterinarians and behavioral therapists over a more than 4,5 year development and research period for high-frequency deep relaxation in horses and is suitable for any unbalanced horse, regardless of age and race. RelaxoHorse smart works with its specific, to the horses sensitive hearing, adapted sounds that allow the animal to relax deeply.. The device works both inside the stable and outside, without side effects.

The sound module includes six additional, to the human ear non-consciously perceptible subliminal audio tracks which lead to a deeply relaxed situation in horses. We are able to hear up to 20,000 hertz. As we age, this limit steady decreases. Horses can hear up to 100,000 hertz. The silent subliminals of RelaxoHorse are recorded up to 48,000 hertz. The relaxation can be done with and without the additional relaxation music. A simple click is enough and RelaxoHorse works almost soundless for the humman ears. RelaxoHorse smart can be individually tailored to the needs of horses.


No negative side effects!

RelaxoHorse Smart works completely automatically, wirelessly and effectively, regardless of your horses age, guaranteed without side effects and is not comparable to conventional relaxation music. Before an observation occurs, neuronal activity must take place in the brain. The animal's ear adjusts the tuned subliminal vibration and transmits the pulses straight to the brain. 


Subliminal perceptions are completely natural in animals and instinctive 

In more than six years of intensive research and development work, RelaxoPet has developed the completely new subliminal sound sequences for animals and integrated the so far undiscovered aspects of brain research in animals. Interpolated, animated affirmations (for reprogramming the brain) are mixed in the entire audio material. In addition, pure, animated, subliminal tone series has been created. Horse owners are surprised by the quick effect because all of the RelaxoPet sound modules are precisely adapted to the relevant animal group.

 hier korte studie relaxohorse (eerst vertalen)

The smart version comes in a high-grade acrylic box consisting of: 

- RelaxoHorse sound module with integrated LI battery / mode selection 

- Quick Start Guide 

- USB charging cable 

- Acrylic box with welded perimeter / Euro hanger 

- CE / ROHS / FCC certifications 

The handling and effectiveness of the smart version is exactly the same as in the previous version. The only difference is that the smart version is now delivered in a chic acrylic box along with a short manual and a charging cable. 


Application examples: 

- Thunder

- Fireworks

- Change of owner

- Transport by trailer or aircraft

- New environments, people or horses

- Exchange of stable

- Grooming or shaving

- Breeding

- Birth

- Sports

- long mandatory stable residence

- Training units

- Rehabilitation

- Recovery in case of long-term illness

- Main care

- Veterinary treatments

- Deep relaxation for tournaments and competitions

- For precaution   


Click here for detailed information about the effectiveness of RelaxoPet. 

Click here for the FAQ about  RelaxoPet. 

Click here for the manual of RelaxoHorse.

Click here to read the RelaxoHorse Case Study

Click here to read a second case study of RelaxoHorse.

Click here to read the original (german) version of a blood test. 

Click here to read the english translation of the blood test. 

Click here to read the RelaxoPet catalog.


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