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Lucaa +


Ecological care and hygiene for pets and horses, skin-friendly, no animal experimentation. 
LUCAA + assures you of a healthy and clean environment for your pets without severe environmental
pollution and health risks. Non-flammable and biodegradable.
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Lucaa + Allergy Free

* Incl. tax Excl. Shipping costs
A safe preventative spray for allergy problems for pets, can be used safely every day!
Shampoo with neutral PH value. Also for sensitive skin, cleans deeply and optimizes the microflora!
The solution for good dental hygiene, reduces the growth of tartar and the risk of paradontitis!

Lucaa + Horse Ear Care

* Incl. tax Excl. Shipping costs
Hygiene and care of the ears, cleans deeply, reduces the risk of ear mites and slows down the harden
Natural spray that prevents horses from summer eczema and insects!
Hygiene and care of the eyes, cleans deeply, prevents oxidation of light hairs and optimizes the mic
Natural coat spray for extra power and shine, rich in fatty acids and vitamins!
Spray for the hygiene of the genitals, eliminates accumulations of preputial material and removes or
Conditioner for full manes and a lush tail, dirt defensively, simplifies brushing and braiding and f
Works effectively against horse flies and mosquitoes and makes a ride a lot more enjoyable.

Lucaa + Horse Skin Care

* Incl. tax Excl. Shipping costs
Protects the skin, reduces the risk of mug, optimizes the microbial balance, sunscreen factor!
Thorough cleaning for the stable and everything around it reduces the development of pathogenic and
Reduces bacterial infections, optimizes the microbial balance and promotes the healing process!

Lucaa + Odor Remover

* Incl. tax Excl. Shipping costs
Environmentally friendly spray, effective against unwanted odors, with Aloë Vera aroma!

Lucaa + Pet Shampoo

* Incl. tax Excl. Shipping costs
Shampoo with a neutral PH value, also for sensitive skin!
Environmentally friendly cleaner for the maintenance of your pet's living environment (bench, toys,

Lucaa + Pet Wound Care

* Incl. tax Excl. Shipping costs
Spray voor de verzorging van wonden, verminderd de kans op bacteriële infecties!

Lucaa + Pets Coat Care

* Incl. tax Excl. Shipping costs
Special natural formula for extra skin care, rich in fatty acids, with Aloë Vera aroma!
Friendly conditioner for a full and soft coat, dirt repellent, free of parabens and with Aloë Vera
Quick and easy solution for good oral hygiene, reduces tartar and the risk of periodontitis!

Lucaa + Pets Ear Care

* Incl. tax Excl. Shipping costs
To maintain a good hygiene for your pet's ear; reduces the risk of ear infection and ear mites!

Lucaa + Pets Eye Care

* Incl. tax Excl. Shipping costs
For quick cleaning of the environment around the eyes, prevents oxidation of light hair and reduces
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